Tenet Is Watchable On PlayDate, Just As Christopher Nolan Intended

If you’ve ever pondered what Christopher Nolan’s Tenet movie would look like on the new PlayDate handheld console, wonder no more. Over on Twitter, user Jae has managed to get the time-bending movie running on the pocket-sized gaming device, and with an added twist as well. Or a crank, to be more specific.

Using the Playdate’s novel hand-crank, Jae is able to fast forward or rewind the film. Even though the PlayDate has a monochrome screen, Tenet also looks oddly great on it and resembles an arthouse film project. Just as Christopher Nolan intended.

Ever since Christopher Nolan expressed his desire for Tenet to be seen in IMAX theaters during the COVID-19 pandemic, fans have been having fun with that statement by transferring the film from the biggest screen to the smallest ones instead. Another notable example was seen with YouTuber Wullf’s Game Boy Advance version of Tenet, which lowered the film’s resolution to 192 x 128 and was spread across several cartridges, complete with custom labels that he had created.

In case you missed the initial preorder window, you’ll need to wait until 2022 before you can get your hands on a Playdate. “As a piece of gaming hardware, the Playdate certainly punches above its weight,” Steven Petite wrote in GameSpot’s Playdate review. “It has a minimalistic design aesthetic that both charms and gels with what I think the Playdate is all about: falling in love with games all over again by diving into experiences that feel both brand-new and nostalgic.”