Overwatch League Viewers Can Still Get Into Overwatch 2 Beta

If you’re still trying to gain access to the ongoing Overwatch 2 PVP beta, the Overwatch League has got good news for you. Throughout select games over the course of its opening weekend, the Overwatch League will be giving out 1,500 beta codes per hour to people tuned into the matches.

Overwatch 2’s closed beta, which began last week and runs to May 17, has been rolling out invitations to players who registered for access in waves. Additionally, viewers on Twitch have been able to sign up for drops that reward them with beta access for watching a few hours of any of the dozens of streamers that Blizzard is collaborating with. The opening weekend of Overwatch League will use a similar reward system to deliver beta codes to viewers on YouTube, where the Overwatch League now streams exclusively. All you have to do beforehand to be eligible is link your YouTube and Battle.net accounts.

The Overwatch League, which is returning on May 5 for its fifth season, announced the move via a strange vintage video that teased, among other things, Bastion with a hat. This latest season is especially notable because it will be the first season of Overwatch League where players are competing on a build of Overwatch 2, which as of now is unreleased.

Overwatch 2’s beta is the beginning of a rollout that Blizzard announced in March, which decoupled PVP from PVE in order to more quickly get the former into the hands of players sooner. The beta features Overwatch 2’s new 5v5 format, four new maps, the Push mode, reworks for a number of characters, a new ping system, and the introduction of Sojourn, Overwatch’s first new hero in over two years. GameSpot recently got to check out Overwatch 2, noting that it “doesn’t redefine the formula, but it does provide a welcome excuse to return to the world of Overwatch.”

Overwatch 2’s release comes on the back of a tumultuous time for Activision Blizzard and its leadership, namely Bobby Kotick, who has faced several lawsuits and allegations of fostering a toxic workplace culture.

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