Fortnite Update 20.30 Patch Notes: The IO vs Resistance Are Getting Tilted At Towers

Epic Games has released the Fortnite 20.30 update, and along with it, patch notes have been released–and the war between the Imagined Order and the player-led Resistance is again on the move. While the two sides battle, a new player funding initiative could unvault a new vehicle, and shotguns are getting a few minor adjustments. Here’s what’s new and different in Fortnite’s new update.

With Rocky Reels now safe from the IO, the Resistance must now push on toward their most difficult task yet: liberating Tilted Towers. The battle will work the same way as before, with waves of IO that need to be defeated in order to unlock rare loot and save the location from the invading forces.

Tilted Towers is about to become the next major battleground.

Meanwhile, players can now fund the unvaulting of the Choppa helicopter, which will give them an aerial option when traveling around the island. Funding stations are available at all Seven outposts; just head to one of them and pay as many bars as you can if you want to get to the choppa.

The Fortnite 20.30 patch also marks the beginning of the returning Star Wars Celebration, where outfits and items from a galaxy far, far away make their triumphant return to the island. Lightsabers and E-11 Blaster Rifles will appear from May 3 to May 17, while all skins previously available in the item shop (sorry Mandalorian fans) will return.

Finally, shotguns are getting a few adjustments in this new patch, particularly in the damage category. Specific changes coming to shotguns include the following:

  • Minimum pellet-hit count will be increased from three to four for

    • Auto Shotgun

    • Drum Shotgun

    • Striker Pump Shotgun

  • The Striker Pump Shotgun and Auto Shotgun have also had their pellet damage and headshot damage increased.

  • The Ranger Shotgun and Drum Shotgun’s headshot damage has greatly increased, but there has been no change to standard pellet damage.

  • The Drum Shotgun damage falloff has been adjusted, shortening its effective range.

Epic has also detailed Fortnite’s new Star Wars event, which will run May 3-17.

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