Fortnite May The 4th Celebration Brings Star Wars Back To The Island May 3-17

A long time ago in a battle royale far, far, away, Epic Games introduced a slew of Star Wars-themed skins and items to Fortnite. Now all of those items are coming back and more as Fortnite celebrates May The 4th with a two-week event.

The loot pool on the island will get a little more galactic as part of this event, as both Lightsabers and the E-11 Blaster Rifle can be looted during a match. Stormtroopers can now be found on the map as NPS, and when approached they’ll sell you the Star Wars-themed weapons for bars.

Four different lightsabers will be dropping onto the island.

Also, multiple Star Wars cosmetics are returning to the item shop for the entire two week run. All of the Star Wars skins that have been sold in the item shop previously–Kylo Ren, Rey, Boba Fett, among others–will be returning to the item shop for purchase (not including Mandalorian, sadly). If those cosmetics aren’t enough, a new questline following Stormtrooper training will be available where players can earn a special Empire banner for completing all five tasks.

The Fornite May the 4th Celebration will be implemented at the same time as the game’s 20.30 patch, which moves the war between the IO and the Seven to TIlted Towers and readjusts shotguns among other things. If Star Wars isn’t your thing, take a look at how to score a free skin through Intel.

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